Middletown Economic Development

Advisory Committee

The MEDAC is charged by the Town Council with addressing the following tasks:

  1. Investigate and recommend actions and programs that the Town should consider in order to promote and support business development, such as incentives and other programs as might be deemed appropriate, with particular attention paid to the following sectors: defense/technology industry, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, tourism/hospitality, agriculture, marine trades, and retail commercial.
  2. Undertake activities that promote Middletown as a desirable location to do business, including regular outreach to local businesses, and marketing activities, such as ongoing maintenance of the MEDAC website, and participation in various local, state, and regional business promotional events and meetings.
  3. Participate in any discussions regarding regional economic development efforts, and advise the Town Council as to the appropriate level of Town participation in such efforts.
  4. Support efforts to enhance the educational “pipeline” providing qualified applicants to fill positions with local businesses. This may include support of state workforce training efforts, mentoring and internship programs, and participation in discussions regarding pre-k through 16 curricula.
  5. Identify opportunities to streamline the local permitting and licensing processes, and recommend changes to address onerous regulations and unnecessary burdens that might inhibit desirable and appropriate business development in Middletown.

Committee Members:

  • John Bagwill (exp. 1/1/23)
  • Joseph A. Cirillo, Vice Chairman (exp. 1/1/21)
  • Liana Ferreira Fenton (exp.1/1/24)
  • Tom Kowalczyk (exp. 1/1/21)
  • Robert M. Silva, Chairman (exp. 1/1/21)
  • David Lepore (exp. 1/1/21)
  • Kevin O’Halloran (exp. 1/1/24)
  • Dennis Turano, Town Council ex-officio
  • Barbara VonVillas, Town Council ex-officio
  • Erin Donovan-Boyle, Newport County Chamber of Commerce – ex-officio
  • Ron Wolanski, Town Planner – ex-officio